If you have lost money on a mis-sold pension,
we could claim on your behalf?

The FCA is currently suggesting that over 10% of pensions may have been mis-sold, lured by the promise of high returns from get-rich-quick schemes. These investors are being advised to complain now to see if you can get your money back.

For Final Salary Pensions, a typical claim could be in the region of £50,000. Private Pension you could typically recover around the £25,000 mark.

If you think you may have a claim for being mis-sold a pension and if you think you are entitled to compensation, contact Goldman Knightley today, we will help you establish if you have a genuine claim.

If you wish to pursue a claim, our team of legal experts, who specialise in pension mis-selling claims can progress your case on a ‘No Win, No Fee basis’. There’s no financial risk to making a No Win No Fee claim. You only ever pay anything if your No Win No Fee claim is successful.

All it takes is a brief telephone conversation where we ask a few simple questions, we will then be able to obtain the rest from your Pension Provider.

Call us now on 01204 563 533 for free, no obligation advice.

We can act for you in the vast majority of cases on a No Win No Fee Basis.

Frequently asked questions Pensions Mis-Selling
The pension mis-selling problem goes back many years and has affected vast sections of the population, people who have worked hard all their lives to provide for a comfortable retirement. If you think you were mis-sold a pension; our specialist staff can guide you through the process to reclaim what is rightfully yours. Below you will find some frequently asked questions that may help you.
Mis-sold Pension products come in lots of different forms?
Many people were poorly advised to transfer their pensions into SIPPS (Self Invested Pension Plans) featuring investment opportunities such as Storage units, Bio Fuels, Forestry projects, Car parks, leisure complexes and energy companies – many of which turned out to be bogus.
As with so many of these Pension advisors, they have ceased trading, and I have lost the paperwork, what can I do?
Sadly, this is an all too frequent a problem. But all is not lost, we can approach the FSCS – Financial Services Compensation Scheme for compensation. Even if you have lost your paperwork, providing we can get some basic information, we can start the process and retrieve any paperwork from your pension provider.
Are there any time limits on pension transfers?
If you had a pension transfer after 1988, we could check this out.
What could the compensation amount to?
If you incurred any capital losses from the transfer, we will endeavour to claim these back with interest. So the answer to this question varies with the amount transferred.
What timeframe are we talking about to make a claim?
There are several factors that can influence how quickly we can bring a successful claim. In cases where the financial adviser has stopped trading your case is put before the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, this can take between three and six months. Providing your financial advisor is still trading; they must provide a decision within two months. Delays of up to six months can occur if the advisors decide to defend the case and it finds its way to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
How are you paid?
As mentioned earlier, should we take your case, we do not charge any upfront fees. All the costs are dealt with by Goldman Knightly. Only when your case is successful, will we charge you a percentage of your compensation. Our typical fee is 37% + VAT to cover all our costs.



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